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Create a special lit-eyed troll!
Custom 120 Year Old Albino Troll (12")
Custom 120 Year Old Troll (12")
Custom 50 Year Old Troll (5")
Custom 80 Year Old Albino Troll (8")
Custom 80 Year Old Troll (8")
Custom Trolls
Dragon Tamer
Earth Mother
Firefighter Troll
Fishing Troll
Fix-it Troll
Forest Troll
Fortune Teller with Lit Crystal Ball
Gardener Troll
Gathering Troll
General Repairs for Trolls and Gnomes
Giant Woodland Witch
Gift Certificates
Golfing Troll
Good Luck Troll
Graduation Troll
Grandparent Troll
Grape Stomper
Guardian Angel
Guardian Troll
Halloween Troll
Harvest Troll
Having Trouble?
Hice Mice
Hippie Troll
House Mouse
House Troll
House Troll - Home Sweet Home

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